Born in Helsingborg, Sweden, Louice currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA as a Concept Artist and Graphic Designer for Tripwire Interactive. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Animation at Full Sail University, FL (Nov. 2008) and have taken classes in Fine Art and Graphic Design at James Cook University, Australia.

Possessing a lively imagination and creativity ever since childhood, Louice quickly found her passion and inspiration to draw and create through Nintendo, 80-90s cartoons, Anime/Manga and Fantasy books.
She plays video games and RPGs to this day and still loves to watch cartoons. Louice also has a healthy appetite for music and can often be found listening to it while working or relaxing.

Living by the motto “You Reap what you Sow”, Louice always give her best to get the best results possible in life, be it at home or while working.
She also believes one should always greet life’s challenges with a smile.